Texans LT Duane Brown Proposed To Shade 45 Host Devi Dev [Photos]

Congratulations are in order for Houston Texans Left Tackle Duane Brown. Over the weekend he proposed to Devon Anjelica or Devi Dev as fans of the radio host know her. Dev is Sway’s co-host on Shade 45’s “Sway in the morning”

Duane popped the question last Saturday in L.A.- during the Texans bye week. Check out photos of the proposal and the ring!!


Photos via AMPR & Erica

  • Toni990

    Good luck to Devi Dev…She’ll need it!!! Duane Brown abandoned his own beautiful flesh & blood daughter. So what will he do to Devi Dev, when the novelty wears off!!!

  • jay


  • Lori

    You don’t know what you are talking about.  There are always at least three sides to a story.  You may have one side (or think you do) but you  should allow that unless you are one of the players, you don’t know the game. Duane is an honorable man and a gentleman.  He never says anything negative or disparaging about his ex.  I don’t know her side of the story so I am not going to speculate but I am sure there is blame and right on all sides.

  • Nadialeroux36

    It’s okay …he abandoned his son for three years as well…it’ll catch up to him.  She thirsty as well, you can’t tell me she aint know!?!?