Shaq Says Dwyane Wade Was Cheating On Gabrielle Union With Lauren London

Remember the lawsuit filed against Shaq by Shawn Darling? (If not, go here for the deets.) Well somehow e-mails between Shaq and Newsweek reporter Allison Samuels have leaked. In one set of the e-mails from 2008, Samuels is trying to hook Shaq up with his choice of model Sessilee Lopez, actresses Robinne Lee (who is also a good friend of Gabrielle Union) and Sharon Leal. The interesting part is when Shaq throws Dwyane Wade under the bus for dating another actress, Lauren London… while still with Gabrielle Union.

Check out the e-mails yourself:

Samuels: Hi. [email protected] [FYI, the email address bounces back]. Or I can give her your info? She’s not in the country until Wed so maybe then is better because she hasn’t answered me about something else I asked her about. Also she asked about your personal life and I told her_whatever it is_-I’m sure you had it under control. Still waiting on Robinne’s response.
Shaq: Sesslie aintdat fine whts robins last name

Samuels: You are so wrong! Robinne Lee_she’s on Tyler Perry’s show sometimes. Do you know Lauren London_I don’t_but I know James Lassiter knows how to reach her. You ever dealt with her_is she cool? Sharon Leal??

Shaq: Loren is d wade’s girl im not wrong sesslie aint my type u r

Samuels: What about Gabrielle and Dwyane?

Shaq: He gottem all I want u or rihanna

Samuels: Rihanna is too young_19– she is just legal and you know I’m very chatty and you said you didn’t like that!!!!!

Shaq: Yeah but I told u had a crush on me and u wouldnt chat about us i kn o u

Samuels: No_I’m chatty in a relationship_not to others. You just decided I had a crush on you huh?? When did you decide that?

Interesting no? The big fella is always joking so maybe he was being funny ::wink::

Shaq found away to get his flirt on with Allison also. He’s a multi-tasker. This case just continues to get more interesting. I wonder if stuff like this will be in his new book, “Shaq uncut”? Gosh I hope so. ::giggle::

L to R- Sessilee, Rihanna, Robbine, Sharon

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  • Mai

    Hmmm? Shaq wrote a book? LMAO! Writing books but no time to see kids??? Ok!!!

  • Via

    It’s amusing that someone w/a name like Shaquille doesn’t bother to spell anyone’s name correctly. Most of those girl’s names DO have a lot of unnecessary letters, but “Loren,” Shaq? C’mon.

  • missbeauty

    Why are we all acting like this is news. Dwayne cheats on Gabrielle left and right. She must be real desperate to know he dogs her out and stays with him. Seems like she has a low self esteem. Must be the age thing or maybe she just doesn’t care, she has dated like 10 athletes. Oh well, he ain’t marrying neither one of them.

  • destiny

    HAHAHA! That’s what Gabrielle gets! He left his wife for “BREAk-a-Union’s old ass” and now she deserves all of what she gets. He gonna do Gabrielle just like he did he’s wife. Except she’ll never have that title. Now he tweeting that Lauryn is his sister, smh. RIGHT Nigga.

  • Bayou Classic

    Most all of these so called ladies or “Hollywood” type jump offs have been passed around like a turkey on thanksgiving day. Shaq may not be much of a speller but he knows what he is talking about. And we thought women gossip. See how men discuss their quests and bedside manner with anyone who will listen?

  • michelle

    Gabrielle needs to validate her career by dating athletes. Dwayne is one of the biggest hoes in miami. He deals with just about everybody. I give their relationship another year. They both need it. She needs to validate that she not a home wrecker. And he needs to validate that he didn’t cheat on his wife with a fling.

  • Didi

    I wonder if Dwayne is still sneaking girls into all his condo’s. I remember him doing the same with Gabrielle Union when he was married. He’s a lame ass. Stick to basketball.

  • s.carter

    This email was in 2008! And its funny how his ex wife isn’t brought up through out all this. Cause D-wade was married in 2008. Which confirms he was cheating with old ass Gabrielle union and cheating with Lauryn London. And we all remember Gabrielle Union stating her Dwayne had to no relations during that time. Gabrielle needs some sense of pride. Its pretty disgusting. I’m sure they will making some what of an appearance to make it seem like they are madly in love. Fake hollywood couples. Can’t get enough.

  • Oh my…