Serena Williams’ Sexy New Twitter Photo

I think this photo is both artistic and sexy but, considering Serena Williams just had a stalker scare maybe it wasn’t such a good idea for this to be her featured twitter icon.

But then again, it wasn’t there to begin with and she still had a stalker :shrug: You can’t shield sexy. I like it, I hope it comes back!

  • Darryl Bos.

    That girl is so phat.. She isthe epitome of strong, black, rich, did I say rich, beautiful and superbly independent!!!!!!!!!!!!! Serena Williams is “IT”!!!!

  • Coconutts

    …then she has the nerve to say that Black men are boys, and here she is showing up like a common ho…I have 5 sisters and none of them as rich and famous,and none would ever for any sum of money parade themselves like that;and they are beautiful women too. Do something more profitable with your spare time my girl.

  • Jill

    I never heard that about Serena before. Interesting

  • Serena is a strong athletic female that seems to be caught up in the lime light my advice to her is be yourself and avoid being exploited by the media be a real mentor to the up coming youth. show and represent yourself as a real lady and not some easy come easy go ho.

  • Knowledge

    There is nothing wrong with the picture, once again you people are over reacting! I think it’s very artistic, but then again that’s what I think. If she want to take pictures of herself why can’t she, I believe all of us do right! Don’t be hypocrites. If you had a sexy body you would do the same, I got a nice 6 pack and I take pictures of my body. Why not, I’m sexy, doesn’t make me a whore, neither does she taking the same pics make her a hoe and a mad role model for the youth. Get over yourself!

  • ED Green

    Serena Williams is not built well enough to expose herself as in that photo. Her butt is big enough to saddle and her thighs rub together. She’s actually built like an NFL Outside Linebacker.

  • Jill

    woowwww, she may not be your flavor but I think a flat stomach, toned thighs etc are things a lot of men look for right?

  • Jay

    this writer is an idiot, so what he says is because she is beautiful and likes to share that beauty with the world the stalker is in the right. It’s like saying to a rape victim hey you were asking for it by dressing in a miniskirt. I hope Serena keeps giving us more of those great bodyshots.

  • Jill

    whoa whoa whoa there, who are you calling an idiot Sir?

  • Mad I’m just now seeing this. A healthy round of applause for this picture. It’s very tastefully done and there is nothing whorish or “easy” about it. Because a person is a very recognizable celebrity and a woman, she can’t allow herself to be just that, a lady? One that appeals to her softer, possibly more sensual side on rare occasion? Are you kidding me?

    She can still be the same role model to young girls that she has always been. This picture on twitter, does not change or negatively impact that at all. I’m sorry… what am I missing? I think what we have here is a case of some women who are shy/ashamed of their bodies or who feel its against the law to show this side of themselves outside of the bedroom– tag-teaming with a few guys, who will find anyway to slap a “whore” label on a woman at the slightest “indiscretion”. Just my opinion.

    I personally, find nothing wrong with it.

  • tiana

    she is not fat so get ur facts straight! who even cares if she put the pictures up ! it’s her life let her live it de way shewants 2! wht is wron with u people these days!

  • Ms

    Those kind of suggestive photos invite the good, the bad, and the ugly.