Rapper Cam’ron adds his commentary about Chris Bosh’s wife Adrienne Bosh


You know what they say, once the floodgate is opened, you can’t stop the waters. Another rapper has decided to share a flashback story about Chris Bosh’s wife Adrienne. Rapper Cam’ron posted this photo on Instagram today adding his commentary to Lil Wayne’s rant from Sunday night:

My man @britishthetitan been had bosh wifey under wing b4 Wayne. Lol she use to be pissy drunk in my club in da Cincinnati


Yeah… I thought rappers were down with the “stop snitchin” movement? I’m going to gamble and say that if any of this is true and relevant, Chris Bosh knows… Guys generally don’t have a problem with a past as long as they were aware. Now, if they didn’t know and get hit in the head with it… that’s another matter.

Second question. How long do you think Cam’s friend has been waiting for a reason to drop this photo? That doesn’t look like it was taken with an iPhone. That looks like a Sidekick photo or something. You don’t just have a random photo like this saved in your phone.

This has been a crazy month for the Big 3’s significant others.


  • Wow, Cam’ron dug way, way down in the archives to post that pic. What for? Killa hasn’t been hot in… well… it’s been a while!

  • Todd

    You can flip the script, attempt to clown Camron’s homie for saving that old ass pic, accuse rappers of being snitches–whatever you like. It doesn’t change the fact that Bosh turned a hoe into a housewife.

  • StilettoJill

    Why does what his wife did before they were married matter to anyone who isn’t penetrating her? So what?

  • lilkunta

    jill how can you tell this is a razr sidekick pic? why cant it be a regular old 35mm camera pic ?

  • lilkunta

    this was b4 chris married adri so it dont matter. we all have pasts.

    if chris had the right advisors he has a prenup. so if adrienne didnt tell him and lots more men come forward and it isnt s/t he is able to accept they should divorce & he ot pass out the ass. she should get a lump sum, transitional support for 6mo and THAT IS IT.