LeBron James Says He’ll Beat Kobe Bryant 1-On-1, So Stop Asking [Video]

LeBron James is over in London for a Nike promo. A reporter asked him who he thought would win in a game of one-on-one between James and Kobe Bryant.

Why do journalist ask Kobe or LeBron who they think would win in a one-on-one between the two of them? Why would they ever say the other guy would win?

I wonder if the two have ever actually played a game of one on one. Maybe at the end of practice during the Olympic sessions in Las Vegas a few years back? Probably not though, if it had happened, someone would’ve told the story of it by now.

Interesting thing about this is that LeBron says he’s a team guy at heart. Ironically, that is exactly the reason that Kobe used to say why he’d beat LeBron EASILY. Kobe said the one on one game is his “thing” whereas LeBron is more Magic Johnson.



  • Ivan

    Kobe…hands down. LeBron’s size and strength would bother Kobe, but I think Kobe would be far more accurate from the perimeter and could build an early lead without breaking too much of a sweat. Also, Kobe is a far superior perimeter defender, which would force LeBron to rely almost exclusively on driving to the hole. LeBron would come back with his speed and power to score points inside, but by the time he did it it would be too late. Kobe can score well from the inside as well, and you would have to think that LeBron would miss a few inside shots to give Kobe extra chances. Score: Kobe: 11, LeBron 7

  • Ivan

    I almost forgot. My Kobe 11, LeBron 7 score would be an average over five games. Kobe would win three the best 3 of 5, of course.

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  • Kevin

    You gotta be kidding. LeBron lost any class he had left back in Cleveland. Kobe would kick his a.. all over the court. True to his MO, Lebron would choke half way through the game…Go Kobe

  • Gian

    I wouldn’t even bother watching. An aging playmaker vs an NFL fullback. I would take Kobe each and every game. Now Derrick Rose – I’d pay to watch that!

  • Nick T

    After watching an Kobe play in a number of one on one games this summer, I’m convinced LeBron would beat him easily.

    At the same time why is this even a story? Why are people shocked by this? Do they expect the player to pick their opponent to win?