Lakers Coach Mike Brown’s New $3 Million 15-room, 9500 Sq-Ft Home In Anaheim Hills [Photos]

Forgive me if I giggle at Lakers coach Mike Brown’s new 15-room, 9,500-square-foot home in Anaheim Hills. The home comes complete with a spray tanning booth, 350-gallon aquarium and a temperature-controlled fur closet (how very L.A.). I’m not ::giggling:: because I necessarily find anything funny about the home. Quite the opposite, the $3 million dollar house is amazing.

It’s just interesting to me that Coach Brown opted to move to Anaheim Hills. The Lakers practice facility is in El Segundo, near Manhattan Beach. That area has nice homes and a pretty decent school district. Anaheim Hills offers the same but it’s about 30 miles away and let’s not forget the famous L.A. traffic.

He is sending his kids to High school sporting mecca Mater Dei, I’m sure the location was for their benefit. Maybe he can bum a ride in Kobe’s helicopter to practice and games… and that’s why it’s funny!

Curtsy to OC Register

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  • Whatareyoutalkingabout?

    Typical living in Orange County v. LA County debate. Anyone south of South Coast Plaza finds LA County to be Boyz and the Hood. Anyone who favors living in LA County doesn’t know that life exists south of the South Bay Area. I live in between, and Mike Brown lives in a neighborhood not that far away. He has multiple freeway options to get to Staples and the practice facility and none of them have to deal with the 405.

  • Jill

    I’d agree with you except that I find the South Bay to be tragic. At least for me. And you’re right there are a number of freeway options but what freeway is going to get him to the El Segundo practice facility minus traffic?

    Quality of life issues withstanding, the travel time in a new city known for traffic and him going into the heart of congestion for his work. Well it seems to add an extra level of stress. Again that’s simply my opinion.

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