NBA Superstars LeBron, Carmelo & DWade Didn’t Tip Vegas Servers During Chris Paul’s Bachelor Party

Looks like Carmelo Anthony, LeBron James, Chris Paul and Dwyane Wade are extremely concerned about where there $$ are going during this lockout. The NBA All-stars were recently in Vegas last month for CP3’s bachelor party. The guys partied at clubs in the Cosmopolitan (July 17) and Palazzo (July 18).  The group was comped throughout their trip by the casinos, but, per Norm Clarke, failed to leave gratuity.

“People at the Cosmopolitan said when Chris Paul had his bachelor party here last month, he had LeBron in and the whole gang.  They were comped well into the morning.  The word is that they never left a tip for any night that they were out getting comped.  We’ve heard that about LeBron, that’s been common.  I’m sure you’ve heard the nicknames that Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen had out here.  The dealers called him  “Hoardin’ Jordan”, and Pippen was “Scottie No-tippin’ Pippen”.

Come on guys, you’re multi-millionaires, you HAVE to leave a tip. That’s why Mark Cuban was able to get so much love in Miami when the Mavs won the finals. He TIPPED! Perhaps they thought Comedian Kevin Hart or Basketball “husband” Jannero Pargo had the bill.

Maybe they just weren’t a fan of the service they received… it’s possible right?

Chris Paul is set to marry Jada Crawley on September 10th in North Carolina.