Kobe Bryant subtweeting about family drama?


Kobe Bryant is embarking on a suit against an auction house that received memorabilia items from his mother, Pamela Bryant. Kobe is attempting to block the sale of the items claiming that he is the rightful owner. Since the case was announced, many have speculated about Kobe’s relationship with his family and compared it to what they believe he may or may not be doing for his wife Vanessa’s family.

Kobe hears all the whispers and commentary and decided to take to Twitter early Saturday morning to subtweet.



Per TMZ, the drama stems from Pamelea allegedly feelings as if Kobe has done more for Vanessa’s family. Recently the beef was over real estate. Kobe supposedly offered to buy his parents a reasonably priced house in Vegas for significantly less than a million. Kobe said no but put Sofia- his wife Vanessa’s mother – up in a $3.2 million house in Newport Beach, CA, which he signed over to Vanessa during their separation. Vanessa sold the home recently.  After the sale, Kobe moved Sofia to another multi-million dollar mansion nearby.

Well… I guess we know Kobe’s position on the topic. We’ll see how this all plays out. Kobe’s parents are currently in Thailand where his father Joe is coaching. They haven’t released a statement.

  • Robellini

    Kobe does not owe his mother a home. Fair enough, but does he owe his mother in law one which he got for her at a reportedly 3.2 million bucks. He should have anticipated his mother would balk at the 450K he gave her for a house. Knowing both families would make comparisons, you don’t buy one a Mercedes Benz with fancy rims and the other a Ford Fiesta. Now I would be happy with a brand new Fiesta to take my butt to work but that’s not the point. These families are spoiled and Kobe has two sets of them to contend with. Knowing that, he should handle his business privately.


    With out your parents you would not have shit. Give them what they want.

  • Daisy

    When he bought his gold-digging mom-in-law a $3.2 million mansion, he owed his mom the same. After all, if it wasn’t for his Mom, he would not even be here. What he has done is taken sides and that does not bode well, nor look good for him. You don’t ever disrespect your Mom publically. He wouldn’t negatively tweet anything about his mom-in-law, and everyone knows that she played a game and set a trap for him with her daughter. Kobe…get a clue

  • gavinwca

    They should be grateful for anything he wishes to give them, he does not owe them anything.