Kim Kardashian inquiring about Robert Griffin III?

I know that people believe Kim Kardashian is always on the hunt for her next athlete. So this little story about an exchange between Kim and 30 Rock executive producer Jack Burditt discussing Redskins draft pick, Robert Griffin III slides right into that theory.

The show was taping down the street from where the NFL draft was being held in April. After the Redskins drafted him, Griffin was able to make it for the 11:30 p.m. West Coast taping. Kardashian was also there and, according to Burditt, seemed intrigued by the Redskins’ new quarterback.

“She sat next to me while we were watching the show on the monitor and RGIII is a few seats down, and during the commercial break she starts asking me questions about him,” Burditt said on the podcast. “Like, ‘Now he’s a football player, right?’ I’m like, yeah, yeah, yeah. And [Kardashian asks] ‘And he just…something big happened, right?’ And I’m like, well yeah, he just was the No. 2 overall pick tonight. [Kardashian asks] ‘And what team?’ Washington. [Kardashian asks] ‘What’s Washington?’ Redskins. She goes, ‘I don’t know much about football, but, so what’s his deal?’ And I’m thinking, you stay away from him. This is a nice young man.”

Burditt went on to explain what he assumed was going on.

“She wasn’t quite sure who he was,” he said. “But her inner alarm was going off.”

To me, that sounds like idle chatter. Had this convo happened with anyone else, he wouldn’t have even blinked. But it makes for a good story, right?

  • Mai

    Jill, if it’s idle chatter why are you posting it? Besides RGIII has a white girl he met in college. WOMP WOMP

  • StilettoJill

    because people seem to be really interested in what Kim does. :shrug:

  • MR felix

    i dont see where those conversations matter. first: Ron Parker is expressing what goes on in the local barber shops. Second when are we going to stop relating to a position as a black are white position. Its been a long time now and we know that the issue is wheather you can play are not. the issue of him having a white fiance who cares if thats who he love being with that is his choice. Stay healthy and have a great season.

  • this about that

    he has too much class for her. really. until she released that xxx clip she was unknown. He closest brush with fame was being the daughter of OJ’s atty. The one who was seen walking out of OJ’s house with the laundry bag, before the house was searched. cops let him as atty, client, privilege didn’t have a warrant yet. . Most reality celebs are famous for being on TV. nothing else.