Jalen Rose thinks Shaq is terrible on “Inside the NBA”

I’ve been pretty critical of Shaq on this season’s Inside the NBA. I expected a lot more analysis, more naturally funny moments, better chemistry and less physical comedy. But, Jalen Rose had a more efficient way to sum up his thoughts of Shaq’s on-air “skills.”

Jalen sent a tweet about Shaq buttoning his jacket , TNT showed the tweet on air, Shaq pretended that he didn’t know who Jalen was, So Jalen responded with the below tweets (which have since been deleted.)



Jalen and Shaq have had beef since ’10 when Shaq called Jalen soft, on Twitter of course. We’ll see if Shaq responds. Maybe he’ll just try to Jedi mind trick him like he’s been doing to Dwight Howard lately.

  • Ak-jk

    I have taken dumps that are more entertaining than Shaq

  • Mai2012

    Yeah, I was hoping Shaq would do well, but him and Charles are trying to hard with those “Yo Momma so…jokes. It’s hard to take at 10:00-10:30 PST. Oh, well, that is why basketball players should just do what they dropped out school to do, bounce a damn ball!!!  Black man bouncing  balls are a penny a dozen.

  • Larzilla

    not sure Jalen is one to critique Shaq’s on air skills considering Jalen is just as bad

  • Not true, Jalen does well. Shaq is awful I was hoping for more from him.

  • Whoops7458

    Right on target !I like Shag,but he is not the sharpest blade in the drawer.Think about it,he went to LSU !

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  • Mike

    Shaq only got the gig cause he’s Shaq, not because he is well spoken. Obviously.

  • Drussell9737

    What’s with this guy? Can’t he just state his complaint without playing the race card? Its a shame that there are still raciest still living. what does he do for a living? If Shaq has a problem as an anlyst, so be it. If you could bounce a ball, you would have done it too!

  • Cult Ref

    Yeah Shaq only got the job because he an automatic hall of famer and was actually a good basketball player.  Jalen Rose may be a better live analyst but it doesn’t change the fact that he sucked on the court his entire pro career!  I’ll remember Shaq’s 3 consecutive championships long after I’ve forgotten Jalen’s “analysis” of players that are better than he ever was.

  • Sammyecakes41

    Jalen got his nerves, trying to critique Shaq!! Shaq was dead on with his response”Who is Jalen”? Always was overhyped from fab 5 to the pros..Never did $hit. How many rings does Shaq have?? and you sir..oh..that’s what I thought..As you were!!!

    BTW: He is doing a WONDEFUL JOB!!