Basketball Wives Miami season 4, episode 1 sneak peek [video]

Basketball Wives Miami kicks off in a few days but of course there’s a sneak peek of episode 1. Season 4 kicks off with the girls in New York. Evelyn is planning her wedding to Chad (minus bride’s maids as she wants the focus to be her, Chad and their 5 children (4 his and 1 her’s.) Jennifer isn’t sure why Evelyn is mad at her, Royce is forming her own circle with new comer, Kesha Nichols, as Shaunie and Evelyn refuse to film with her.

As for Kesha, don’t worry, they address her situation really quickly. She is of course waiting to meet the other girls to see what that’s like. Check out the clip.


First question, those earrings??? Second observation, I don’t know how long I’ll be able to take Kesha’s voice/accent combo. But anyway,

Now that we’re four seasons in, the girl’s probably don’t have to try as hard to make up drama and beefs. Although so far this Evelyn and Jenn thing seems like a lot more than the random things that have been thrown out there.

This season the ladies have an additional 5 shows for a total of 15. The time will be split between New York and Miami plus the obligatory trip abroad.