Fashion Glance: Dwyane Wade in painted on Gucci slacks [photo]

Dwyane Wade will probably be the subject of quite a few of my “Fashion Glances.” One, because he clearly loves fashion and two because people usually have a strong reaction to his choices. Case in point, LeBron James posted this photo of DWade to Instagram last night following Heat vs. Rockets- the Rockets had this one but Jeremy Lin launched a 20 foot airball and the Heat prevailed, 113-110- Lebron felt DWade took it to far with his painted on trousers. Much like his fitted sweats from last week.

Per his stylist Calyann Barnett, the Shirt is Dolce&Gabbana, the Pants are Gucci and the Shoes are Deltoro.

So the question, are we feeling his look?

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  • robo

    No he didn’t!!! Lebron should never let his partner come out in skinny jeans/pants again.

  • sketch

    Really? J Lin’s fault right? It’s all because he launched a 20 foot air ball… that’s why the Rockets lost! All these J Lin haters are being so disingenuous. And don’t give me anything about it as just reporting- it’s not!

    Straight reporting would be more like maybe how the Heat barely escaped with a win against the Rockets or that they should NEVER have been down to them in the first place! J Lin didn’t have a great game, but he had a better stat line than Mario Chalmers! And all we kept hearing when the Heat and the Knicks matched up last year was how J Lin was taken to town by them. Of course he was, he was a huge target! No one ever said that Lin was God’s gift to basketball, but it’s like all of the sudden, an Asian dude was doing well and some felt like that that can’t happen, so they did everything they could to make sure that he had a bad game or to “put him in his place”.

    He did shoot the air ball. But to put it all on him like that is unfair! It’s not like James Harden, the $80 million man took and hit that game winning shot right? Please, just report, but if you’re write an op ed with “the Rockets had this one”, then make sure that the entire Rockets’ Team gets thrown under and not just Lin!