Dwyane Wade’s ex-wife Siohvaughn accusing him of denying his sons proper medical care


Once again we’re gearing up for a potential Wade vs. Wade. Siohvaughn Funches-Wade says Dwyane Wade is not a good dad and wants him thrown in jail. Sio is accusing DWade of denying their two sons of asthma medication.

The ex-Mrs. Wade filed docs in their ongoing custody dispute, claiming Dwyane “has never obtained any asthma inhalers or asthma nebulizer machines for the children since [Dwyane] was awarded children in his custody on March 11, 2011.”

according to the docs, “[Dwyane] recklessly failed to provide the five and ten-year-old children with any medication for a life-threatening illness.”Siohvaughn says Dwyane is putting their kids’ lives in danger as a result — and now, she wants a court to ORDER him to be more attentive … as well as keep her apprised of the kids’ medical treatment.But it doesn’t end there — Siohvaughn also claims Dwyane’s been screwing her out of parenting time … “continuously and willfully making every effort to alienate the children from [her].”She wants Dwyane prosecuted for visitation abuse.

The fact that this custody case has been going on this long… sigh. Naturally you hope that DWade hasn’t been neglectful of his children’s health. But I recall reports of the 10-year old, Zaire playing basketball for his school. Surely those type of devices have to be on hand in order to participate, right?

We’ll see how this one turns out.

  • Mai

    Great article, I also want to thank you Ms.Jill for posting a nice picture of Saohvaughn, other blogs are showing the mugshot of her. Ppl need to leave this woman only she, D Wade and Jehovah God know what really happen between them.

    No woman should ever be glad that another woman losing her kids because when boys don’t have that mother/son bond, “Some Boys” will grow up to dislike/be abusive toward women. D Wade is never will be the “perfect father” . he’s on the road umpteen months out of the year. As far as step-mommy, ” crickets”.

    She needs to do what Prince said in the song “Kiss’ “act your age not your shoes size. Black women has bought into the “new 40” is the “new 20” nope, never will be. Even with my own issues I still find the strength to mentor young ppl, Ms. Jill, the one thing they dislike about their mothers/fathers is that they want to be like the kid’s best friends.

    Back in my day, a chap (kid) stayed in their place, we NEVER inter acted with “Grown Folks” My mother use to tell us when she had company (no I not talking about men, my sister and I never ever woke up to a man laying up with my mom) go to your room or the backyard. But anyways great article.!!!!

  • Natasha

    REALLY!!! Somethings just shouldn’t make it to the courts or to print…How STUPID does this sound??? I CAN’T…almost as STUPID as the lawsuit against Gabrielle.

  • I agree with Mai. Seems society is so happy this women had her kids taken away from her by DWade. I wasn’t in their home but I know when court battles start, lawyers twist, turn and destroy everything about the next person in hopes of their side prevailing. There is never any absolute truth in court cases and one is naive to believe it’s so. Forget what if said as gospel in the gossip columns.

    Regarding the child and his asthma, I surely hope DWade is doing the right thing. An attack can happen at anytime even when much time has passed with no attacks. As far as the school having to have the device, it’s only if the school knows all and the people there are on top of what they need to be. Let’s not assume the schools are paying as much attention to the Wade drama as the rest of us are. I personally know kids who have asthma and don’t have pumps with or available to them at school. I remember playing school sports and someone didn’t anything at school, a couple being rushed to the ER for just that.
    Again, if Dwade isn’t on top of this, he should be.

  • tasha

    Something very NOT believable about this story