LeBron James Annual Epic Halloween Party

Every year LeBron James throws an epic Halloween party for his Cleveland Cavs teammates and friends. The 2017 version yielded some epic costumes and of course some laughs to go along with it.

LeBron set the stage as the clown Pennywise from the newest version of “It.”


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Cannot forget Cwalk Pennywise

Savannah went as some creature…


Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union came as Grammy winning Milli Vanilli



JR Smith and his wife Shirley were The Coneheads and Kevin Love gave the WWE some love as NWO Wolfpack Sting

Isaiah Thomas came as Eazy E


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Brandon Weems channeled Denzel Washington’s role as Alonzo in “Training Day”


“I run ????here, you just live here” #TrainingDay

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