Dwyane Wade files emergency order to stop ex-wife Siohvaughn Funches visitation with their 2 children


If you thought the divorce drama between Dwyane Wade and his ex-wife Siohvaughn Funches was over, you were dead wrong. Days after Siohvaughn was presented with a settlement offer and staged a “protest” in front of the downtown courthouse where the trial was taking place, DWade’s lawyer filed an emergency motion to keep Siohvaughn from her scheduled visitation with their two sons.

The custody part of their divorce is handled in Miami, last weekend Dwyane’s attorney filed a motion claiming that Siohvaughn is not in the right state of mind to see her children. He wants to suspend visitation until Siohvaughn submits to a psych evaluation.

I spoke with Siohvaughn at length on Friday, Siohvaughn went as far as to call the same police department that arrested her last June on Father’s Day when she was accused of kidnapping their children. The police informed Funches that the case was not in their jurisdiction. Ms. Funches maintains that had she made the same action – keeping her sons from Mr. Wade’s court-scheduled time- she would’ve been met with arrest.

Funches’ camp is filing a response to Wade’s motion to suspend time-sharing, saying there’s no legal basis for the request and arguing that Funches is no threat to the boys.

As for that settlement, Siohvaughn says that the settlement is the same one that has been presented to her for some time and it also contains a gag order. As of Friday, she hadn’t signed it yet. She also reiterated that after every instance of her speaking out publicly against Dwyane, some sort of legal retaliation is brought forth. After the courthouse incident, DWade took to Instagram to share his thoughts.

The two are scheduled to meet up in court, this time in Florida – on Tuesday.

  • Teddee13

    Let me see, this is the same woman who was claiming she was destitute and homeless and she hasn’t signed the financial agreement yet? Not that homeless or destitute it seems.
    I’m with Wade on this one. This woman doesn’t seem right in her head. But I’m not sure greed and bitterness are enough of a reason to prevent visitation.

  • RD

    Children as pawns… plain and simple.

  • say wat

    But that’s NOT the reason why….read again…..the woman has issues….
    They’re requesting a psych eval…..which they should, I know I wouldn’t chance my kids with a lunatic….!!

  • Teddee13

    Read my comment. I don’t disagree that this woman needs a psych eval. I don’t think she’s right in the head. I believe she cares more about a big pay day than her kids. Does it rise to the level of her being a danger to her kids? I don’t know. I don’t think so. But I wouldn’t let them stay with her without knowing for sure either.

  • guest

    What a LOWLIFE POS she wants you to PAY UP you ,make MILLIONS support your kids
    You people that say she is homeless or destitute when all she was doing is protesting outside the court house. This is how the MEDIA twist everything around.
    I say DWADE should have his head examined also then. If he thinks he is any better than someone else he NEEDS HELP.

  • Chi-gurl

    I agree with you. I dont think its about greed or a big pay day because if that was the case she would have signed the settlement by now. The sign was an ill advised attempt to protest. I think this is about wanting her kids and not letting her super star Ex
    husband get away with ruining her life by paying her not to talk about it. Stars make women sign gag orders all the time which works bc most of them women wanted money from them in the beginning. In case you guys forgot she was with him when her family had to support him so she actually loved him for him before the money which is why she is so bitter and emotionally unstable about the whole situation.

  • khaliphb

    D Wade keep those kids away from that crazy *^%(* . She is an idiot that could not handle the environment she was dropped in. D Wade knows from experience what a irresponsible parent could mean but his story turn out much better. Congrats on sticking to your guns D Wade. Also other men can learn a lesson from D Wade on fatherhood. The boys are happy and well taken care of. The court need to respect the sovereignty of the family structure. He should hit her up for child support

  • khaliphb

    I think you got it twisted. you obviously don’t know what D Wade went through as a kid himself. These women try to have babies with celebs to have a early retirement plan. I work with celebs and I deal with this all the time . Women think their Coochie is a pass and at least he married her sorry ass. She just failed her plan. Her only interest is money. You must have been hurt by someone yourself so you blame the affluent instead of taking responsibility of your own action. Get real.