Rapper The Game bets Baron Davis $50K on Drew League game


The Drew league has once again been one of the top summer league destinations. The last few weeks have seen the stands full before the “breakfast club,” 10:00 AM game ended, and lines down the block filled with people still waiting to get in. This week’s highlight match up is a rematch of last summer’s championship match up, Rapper The Game’s team, “Money Gang” against the Baron Davis repped – and three-time repeat champions – LAUNFD. The Game challenged BD to a $50K bet on the outcome.

Last week Money Gang featured Houston Rockets star James Harden, . Game is known for having NBA stars play on his team, the rumor is that Kevin Durant will suit up for him today. n contrast, the LAUNFD team is composed of local LA guys who had big college and overseas careers. Bobby Brown – not that one – is one of the team’s premier players. Bobby attended Westchester high, played for Cal State Fullerton and spent time with the Clippers. He’s also fresh from a Euro league championship.


Money Gang lost their first match up of the season last weekend. The two teams face off at 12:30 PM.

photos via Jill and Drew league