Details on Lamar Odom’s alleged drug use


Somewhere in the Odom-Kardashian camp, there is a huge leak. Following the cheating scandal that has plagued Clippers Lamar Odom and his reality TV star wife, Khloe Kardashian-Odom this summer, allegations of drug use by Lamar have dropped into the press. Now comes word via TMZ and Radar online that Lamar’s alleged drug of choice is crack, if you believe TMZ or OxyContin and Ambien per Radar online.

Check the details:

But the two-time championship sixth man allegedly returned to hardcore recreational drug use, it’s claimed, around the same time he was linked to two extramarital affairs.

Two sources tell Radar his main vice is OxyContin,a prescription only painkiller sold in tablets, also known as ‘hillbilly heroin’ or ‘poor man’s heroin’ because of its abuse in rural areas.

TMZ says:



Sources say Lamar’s crack use was extreme before he went to rehab, but he cleaned up his act during the basketball season that just ended.  Sources say shortly after he hung up his jersey, he started again with a bang.

The NBA can test it’s players up to four-times in a calendar year. I find it hard to believe that CRACK use would go undetected. The possibility of prescription drug abuse seems more likely if these rumors are valid. It should be noted that players can only be tested for PED use in the off season.

Lamar’s father Joe is a recovering addict so the addiction gene is in his family. If these allegations are true, I hope Lamar gets the help he needs.


  • Joy n L.A.

    SO we’ve gone form cheating rumors to CRACK in 24 hours…. Wowzers, that Kardashian machine is hardcore.

  • TheLadyGM

    I’m not buying this.

  • StilettoJill

    I’m not buying CRACK… but I don’t think it’s all false. The details “leaking” is what I’m not buying

  • StilettoJill


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  • Cena

    well the kardashians did release a statement saying they were helping him thru something so there is something going on. and i’m sorry but crack clears out of your system in less than a week so it’s not hard to believe he’s able to pass drug tests. they don’t randomly drug test you, it’s all prearranged. I don’t know about crack but something is going on.

  • eif7ieba

    The fact that you don’t know the difference between health insurance and drug prices says a lot about you.