Rihanna hanging out with Jets WR Braylon Edwards [photo]


Who says being rejected once means you give up. Jets wide receiver Braylon Edwards tried to step to pop star Rihanna a few years ago and was turned down flat. He spotted her at Wonderland in Hollywood, sent over an expensive bottle of champagne but Rihanna sent the bottle back. However, hope springs eternal and Braylon didn’t let that first NO deter him from trying again apparently. Riri and Braylon were spotted together in New York a few days ago. Maybe his approach was better the second time around.

Rihanna dining early Thursday night at Philippe Chow, followed by Braylon Edwards separately. Later in the evening, there was a dinner party there for Nicki Minaj and Birdman. Juelz Santana & DJ Khaled also dined in another room.


Looks like JR Smith might have an issue with this. Subtweet perhaps?

photos via Bossip