Deion Sanders awarded custody of two sons


A Dallas jury has awarded Deion Sanders full legal and physical custody of his two sons, 11 and 13, and joint custody of his 9-year old daughter. As has been the case with most things related to this case, Deion took to Twitter to express his satisfaction with the verdict.


Pilar reacted on Twitter as well:


Deion’s girlfriend, producer Tracey Edmunds also got in on the Twitter fun, adding her commentary.


Both sides were arguing for sole custody of all 3 children. While the custody issues are settled, Deion and Pilar are still battling over finances in their divorce.

It’s interesting to me that Deion wasn’t given full custody of his daughter. Pilar said that Deion was more concerned about his sons because of football. Pilar is unfit but it’s ok for the daughter to be with her? Daughters need their mothers but so do sons.


  • @601SportsJunkie

    In my jurisdiction, kids get to chose which parent they want to live with at age 12. So the boys may have chosen their dad. Also there is a presumption that its always in the best interest of female children to be placed with their mother. Hence the split decision.

  • StilettoJill

    Interesting. But if it was just based on the wishes of the children, why the need for a trial. That seems as if it could be sorted in chambers

  • Brooklyngirl

    How do you go from Babyface to Deion Sanders??????