Chris Bosh’s lawyer threatens to sue Allison Mathis, says “You aren’t the wife”


I knew that Allison Mathis video probably wasn’t a good idea. Chris Bosh’s lawyer has sent an injuction against Mathis for releasing the video. There was also information in the letter about a bulk payment of $250,000 Bosh gave to her as well as a laundry list of lifestyle necessities (private school, health benefits and extra-curriculur activties) he provides for Trinty.

That basically means she likely mismanaged somewhere.

The letter also states the usual fare, basically calling Mathis a gold digger looking for a come up. And Bosh’s lawyer makes it clear they won’t be bullied into paying more money. Stressing that Mathis is not “the wife” and not entitled to extended generosity on Bosh’s part.

Yikes! You can read the letter in it’s entirety HERE


I told you this was war, I hope Allison is up for battle. Round one to Bosh.


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  • Misty Jean Moore

    Allison broke it off with Bosh. She’s at fault for all of this.

  • D Dionne

    How us 2700 justified by Bosh’s salary? Thus us a big mess an it is a shame the judicial system has to help do what’s right for the child. The lawyer never address the fact Chris lied about wanting a baby or promised to marry her. Bosh is a joke.

  • mikki

    WTH!! As i am all for a women being able to hold her own. Man up Chris Bosh. Thats your child you and her brought into this world. She wsnt working when u slide the baby into her and now yu like u are on your own. You are a multi millionaire what is giving her some extra going to do to your pockets she has your child!! Regardless of what kind of person she is what kind are you she has ur baby and your child should not be under any stress regardless. I know for a fact she she would accept resonable amount to ensure they are taking care of. How the hell Halle has to pay 20k n u get slapped on the wrist. Jezz.

  • Killbill81

    I can tell by the usage of grammar in previous post, with exception to Jean Moore, that you both are simply money hungry females looking for a handout…..and what’s wrong with society today. Takes 2 to make it, takes 2 to provide. I suggest Ms Mathis get off her azzz and do like Mr Bosh in providing something to also aid their daughter. He apparently has already taken care of Trnity from what it sounds, as $2700 is PLENTY to take care of a child’s expenses on a monthly basis. Obviously, this gal just wants some free loot for her own personal “do whatever”, which is NOT child support. Another one of the “retarded” breed of women (sorry to say it but usually black) who can’t read that the courts call it “CHILD support……not BABY MAMA support.” Chris already has a wife. How about she go and find a husband of her own and mooch off of him, although I doubt she has anything attractive about her outside of looks toward any man doing something of semblance in his life AND any dude she gets with from here on out is likely to make less in monthly salary than what Chris pays per month for Trinity (just the court ordered share) so she’s trying to stay stuck on the gravy train. Keep being a good father to your daughter Chris. In GA the law states that a child has say-so regarding their living home between parents at the age of 11. I’m pretty sure this woman’s throwing a fit because she gets Trinity majority of the time but when she leaves Chris and his wife’s home she’s WAY happier.

  • you sound silly as hell.