Brandon Jennings On Being Single In LA, Instagram And Lust For Bria Murphy

Detroit Pistons guard Brandon Jennings is still working on a comeback from a torn achillis he suffered in January.

Last month on Mother’s Day, Brandon revealed that he and his girlfriend, actress Tae Heckard, were expecting a son. What he didn’t share was that the two were having issues and broke up.


Friday night BJ had some time to kill in the lobby of the SLS hotel, so he decided to talk to Twitter about several topics, including: how lust gets him caught up, the problem with Instagram and IG famous girls, the fact that he’s currently single and looking for the one in LA, plus his latest crush, Eddie Murphy’s daughter Bria.

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Brandon seems like the type of guy who falls in love with the idea of love. But once the day to day reality of a relationship kicks in, it loses a bit of luster, so then he’s off trying to get that feeling back with someone else.

Two weeks ago he was featured on TMZ Sports joking that maybe his “next baby’s mama will give him a daughter because all he makes are sons.”

Photos of Bria for the curious via Instagram

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