Nick Young Doesn’t Know The Difference Between Iggy’s Lyrics And Kobe’s [Video]


Nick Young is like a lot of people, he’s not sure what his fianceé Iggy Azalea is saying in her lyrics either.

Swaggy P recently appeared on ESPN’s Sports Nation. Host Marcellus Wiley decided to play a game with the Lakers star. He waned Young to guess who a set of lyrics belonged too, Iggy or Kobe Bryant.



For the young ones, Kobe dropped a single with Tyra Banks back in 2000 called K.O.B.E.

What I live for? Basketball, beats and broads


He also hit them with the flex as the guest rapper on Singer Brian McKnight’s 1998 single “Hold Me”

This video is full of throwback baller cameos from the late 90’s. In addition to Kobe, Knicks head coach Derek Fisher is there, former NBA player Chris Mills, comedian Bill Bellamy and Real Housewives of Atlanta star Claudia Jordan.