Athletes Jump To Assist Victims Of Hurricane Harvey


NBA analyst Stephen Jackson is from Port Arthur, Texas. Understanding that the larger city of Houston would receive the lion’s share of donations, Jackson started his own efforts for his hometown.


This is but a sampling of the kindness and compassion shown by professional athletes all over the country. Nothing could possibly undo the damage done by Hurricane Harvey, but generosity of this sort truly is an affirmation.

Organizational Contributions

This affirmation was replicated by the higher ups as well, as the owners of several professional sports teams stepped up and did their part as well. Here is a sampling of their incredible altruism.

  • Houston Rockets owner Les Alexander donated an incredible $10 million to relief efforts.
  • Texans’ owner Bob McNair donated $1 million to help restore his team’s ravaged city, the same amount Heat owner Mickey Arison contributed.
  • Titans owner Amy Adams Struck also donated $1 million dollars, as did Rams owner Stan Kroenke.
  • Patriots owner Robert Kraft pledged to match up to $1 million of the Red Cross’s total donation.
  • A telethon run by the Dallas Cowboys raised over $2 million to go with the $1 million donated by owner Jerry Jones.
  • The Houston Astros donated a total of $4 million dollars to disaster relief efforts.
  • Lastly, the NFL itself stepped forward as well, matching Bob McNair’s $1 million donation with one of their own.

These acts of kindness should inspire all of us to do whatever we can for people in need. With Hurricane Irma now raging in south Florida, we’ll need that spirit more than ever. We wish everyone affected by Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma and the city of Houston itself a speedy recovery.