Athletes Jump To Assist Victims Of Hurricane Harvey

A Roundup of Charity Efforts by Professional Athletes for Hurricane Harvey Relief in Houston

The devastation caused to the city of Houston by Hurricane Harvey is heartbreaking and almost unspeakable. The necessary healing will take years, but here’s a sampling of the generous efforts made by professional athletes to start providing relief.

Individual Contributions

Professional athletes from all over the sports universe opened their hearts and wallets wide to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey. Here’s a list of just a few of these generous acts.

  • Texans star J.J. Watt personally donated $100,000 and started a relief fund that generated $20 million at last count, while teammate Brian Cushing gave $50,000 of his own.
  • New Houston Rockets’ teammates James Harden and Chris Paul helped out with relief efforts as well, donating $1 million and $50,000 respectively.
  • Representing the golf world, K.J. Choi donated $100,000.
  • Spearheaded by John Wall, Bradley Beal, the Washington Wizards collectively donated $250,000
  • Some retired NBAers made donations as well, with Dikembe Mutombo giving $50,000 and Gilbert Arenas contributing 20,000 bottles of water to hurricane victims.
  • Houston natives and fellow Sacramento Kings rookies De’Aaron Fox and Justin Jackson are organizing a charity game back in their hometown, with the proceeds going toward disaster relief.

Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry donated $18,000 via a free throw shooting challenge from Houston-based active wear company, Active Faith. Lanny Smith the owner donated $1,000 per made free throw. Steph also added an additional $100,000

Out of 25 shots, Curry made 18. That’s $18,000 for Hurricane Harvey relief from Smith. Curry plans to match that amount and give another $100,000 on top of it.



Boston Celtics’ Gerald Green took his efforts right in the middle of things.  The Houston native went out searching for people who were in need of assistance. He broadcasted his efforts on Instagram live.



He ended up connecting with two guys who had a boat.