49’ers Michael Crabtree says he and Cowboys Dez Bryant are the future of the NFL [video]


San Francisco 49’ers receiver Michael Crabtree and Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant were spotted hanging out in LA on Tuesday. They stopped by West Hollywood’s BOA where the paparazzi live and love. Of course the cameras had a few questions for the duo on Gay NFL players and the rule changes. Crab has dubbed them as the future of the NFL. He also said you could compare them to NFL legends Jerry Rice and Michael Irvin who played for the Niners and Cowboys respectively. Or, an updated different sort of receiver tandem, Chad “OchoCinco” and Terrell Owens…



In addition to the obvious talent levels listed out, that’s a lot of personality. Can “Yung Crab” and “Yung Dez” measure up? Bryant recently said he plans to rack up 2000 receiving yards this season.


photo via Instagram

  • Johnny Foosball

    He can’t rush for 2000 yards if he’s playing wide receiver

  • Chad

    Wouldnt mind having crab in big d when his contracts up, bye austin then for sure

  • Richard Truong

    Crabtree is right, that he and Dez are the future of the NFL WR w/ Calvin Johnson, Julio Jones, Andre Johnson, AJ Green and Percy Harvin

  • Brent A

    The guys asking questions is kind of a tard! Stop studdering and ask a question the first time and maybe you’ll get a better response!!

  • Matt Beason

    Crabtree the future of the NFL?… No chance

  • Bob

    Dude, Andre Johnson is like 31. He is not the future. I agree on the rest though if Harvin stays healthy. And don’t forget Randall Cobb.

  • AndroidBrian

    Percy Harvin? Stop buying the hype people.

  • AndroidBrian

    Randall Cobb? Wtf? Demariyus Thomas! And Victor Cruz. Cobb is good but simmer down. He’s the third best WR on a team with 2 young WR in front of him. And all three of those cats looks good because there playing with Aaron.

  • AndroidBrian

    Crabtree will be a top 10 WR next year if he & Kaepernick stay healthy.

  • AndroidBrian

    Statistically he was 13-14th best WR last year. Crack the top ten your elite. Elite at his age means future of the league. Dez Bryant after last year is already considered elite. So what he said is almost a certainty. “No chance”…,. SMH.

  • L.A. 49ERS

    WOW thats the BIGGIST LIMO they can get …..LMAO……