Thunder Vet: “Russell Westbrook Thinks He’s Better Than Kevin Durant”

Let’s state this upfront. “Thunder Vet” could mean someone whose not currently with the team. Not that it matters, just the fact that an “insider” has now publicly said “Westbrook thinks he’s better than Durant” the trouble has just begun. Here are the details:

What undoubtedly fueled Westbrook’s fiery response is a sense of entitlement. As one Thunder veteran said, privately, “He thinks he’s better than Kevin Durant.”

Not only that, but Westbrook has the backing of Thunder GM Sam Presti, who made a name for himself with his drafting of Westbrook with the fourth pick in 2008. Presti’s micromanagement behind the scenes has caused some friction between the head of the front office and his coaches, but Brooks didn’t pay any attention to that when he saw that Maynor was his best option to even the series.

One of the things I like best about the Thunder team is the closeness of the guys. It’s why I feel like the Perkins/Green trade ultimately failed. It’s why I hope they can make it through this. Lots of teams have been broken up by ego clashes. (Shaq/Kobe, KG/Starbury). I don’t know that I’m buying this story.

But, keep this fact in mind:

Entering Game 3 Saturday, Westbrook had assisted on 54 of Durant’s field goals this postseason. It’s significant because it leads the NBA not just by a little, but doubles the next closest tandem (27 for Rajon Rondo to Paul Pierce and Jason Kidd to Dirk Nowitzki).

  • The Lakers are certainly in need of a point guard. A guard, period! Fisher is retiring soon. He’s getting up there in age and we do need another Jordan Farmar, since they let him go. (I’ll never understand that one). Get Westbrook. He’s proven. Heck, Durant has shown more power than Gasol. He pushes at his thin size, but Gasol gets tossed around too often. Heck, get both of them. I don’t care. Get someone consistant. Odom is not consistant. Gasol showed his consistency. not.

  • Big_Texx

    I say Sam go ahead & deal with the spurs your old employer and make a swap for Tony Parker who knows his place is second fiddle to the major cog on the team and he use to a being in a a small market. Also Tim and Manu could care less about being stars so Westbrook could have it.

  • KDfan

    Westbrook does seem to think he is better than Kevin, but I beg to differ. I think Westbrook tends to hog the ball. When he gets double-teamed, instead of passing the ball to one of his free teammates, he continues to hang on to the ball and a lot of times, he races to the basket and misses, he has it taken away from him while he stands there dribbling it back and forth, he falls on the floor, or he makes some other ridiculous play, allowing the other team to take the ball. He has really been getting on my nerves lately because we can be 16 points ahead of the opposing team, and he comes out and starts up with all his greedy, non-ball sharing plays, and looses the game for the Thunder. It sure looks that way to me. Oh sure, I was in denial for a while myself, but the more I watch him play, the more I see him do it. No wonder Scott Brooks makes him sit on the bench. And when he does sit on the bench, he usually pouts about it instead of shouting and encourging his teammates who are out on the floor trying to win the game. Scott should make him sit on the bench more and let Eric Maynor or someone else play who doesn’t mind sharing the ball with their teammates. Better yet, maybe he should trade him to another team and get Jeff Green and Nenad Kristic back. I thought they did pretty good and I hated to see them go. Also having D.J. White back would be nice. I think Russell has a huge ego problem and has cost the Thunder some valuable wins. Shame on him. You don’t see the other guys acting like that.

  • Joy

    Westbrook thinks he’s better than Kevin??? Please. Russell hogs the ball, pouts when he is made to sit on the bench, and makes riduculous plays, causing the Thunder to loose games. Come on now. I know I can’t possibly be the only one who notices this. I say bring back Nenad Kristic, Jeff Green, and D.J. White and trade Russell!!

  • Ramona Haggins

    Yes, please trade Russell… to the Lakers and bring back all those traded like Joy said and we’ll see you in the playoffs oe will we?