Russell Westbrook asks reporter “what are you talking about bro, I’m out of here” [video]


The Oklahoma City Thunder didn’t have a great game against the Utah Jazz Tuesday night. Russell Westbrook ended the night with 22 points and 5 assists, but it still wasn’t one of his more memorable performances. The game also featured a few testy moments with Kevin Durant receiving his first career flagrant foul. “KD is not nice”

Following the game, a reporter looking for more depth- or simply a great soundbite- asked Russ if the Jazz won the game or if the Thunder lost it. Russ didn’t think that was a great question and ended the interview:


I get it, there are absolutely games that teams trick off and the other team didn’t necessarily win. But Russ clearly wasn’t in the mood for all that.

Interested in the footage of KD’s first flagrant, I got that for you too.

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  • There is no good “mood” for dumb questions (“Did you guys lose this game or did Jazz win it”), SJ. That’s a question writers & analysts toss about in their assessments, not a locker-room query. But an experienced reporter knows as much, like the woman with the question just prior which RW handled just fine.