Pistons coach Maurice Cheeks says Brandon Jennings is still learning to be a PG


This is Pistons point guard Brandon Jennings fifth NBA season, but this is his first with Detroit. His head coach, Maurice Cheeks was a hearelded point guard during his time in the NBA. When it comes to playing, Cheeks thinks that Jennings is still learning the position.

Cheeks went on to further explain that there are certain intangibles – i.e. looking for your teammates before you look for your own shot – that point guards are developed with from an early age.

“It takes a certain amount of time for a guy to do that if that if they haven’t been doing it that way their whole career,” Cheeks said. “I don’t think it’s just an overnight thing, I think Brandon is learning a little of that.”

The age old question in the NBA, at what point does potential become a flame out?
  • Patti Rafalski Davison

    Pretty big leap from Coach Cheeks saying that he’s coaching Jennings to be a better point guard on an entirely new team, to questioning when to call him a flame out.
    He’s averaging 12.3 assists over last three games.and 17 pts. What about his play in Detroit would have you say that he’s a “flame out”.

  • StilettoJill

    I didn’t call him a flame out. I simply posed the question when do people stop talking potential and start labeling a bust. Him being on a new team has to do with how to use him, not his prior knowledge of the position