Michael Jordan vs. Kobe Bryant in identical plays [video]

Kobe Bryant vs. Michael Jordan. The debate will rage on for quite sometime. I know people love to throw LeBron James in the mix but truthfully, a better comparison for him would be Magic Johnson. Through the wonders of modern technology, we get to examine how close Kobe is to his Airness.

Check out this video of Jordan and the Black Mamba executing almost identical plays. For some, it will fuel the thought process that Kobe simply mimics Jordan. I say to that, what player growing up in his era didn’t. Doesn’t mean they were successful at it and it absolutely doesn’t mean that it leads to the accomplishments Kobe has made.

But it’s still fun to watch.

curtsy to BSO for the video

  • Tunes

    Very impressed with Kobe for this comparison. I find that people try to take away from people’s accomplishments if they weren’t “the first” to make them which is wrong. E.g. Chris Brown’s dancing abilities in comparison with Michael Jackson’s. Who is to say Kobe wouldnt have done these things if he just happened to be born before MJ? Kudos to both of them!!!

  • Robert

    Kobe just IMITATES Michael–but he does it very well. Right down to the tongue!!!

  • Abovetherim23

    Kobi is an unbelievable player and for those that never had a chance to watch Jordan play, he is closer to a MJ “type” that Kids will ever see. His moves, demeanor and will to win are almost mirror image. MJ will forever be “the greatest” ever but if you really think about it, if Kobe had come first, would MJ just be a guy trying to pose as Kobe? Before everyone starts hating, I’m will always be a Jordan fan but just a thought.

  • abovetherim23

    We all imitated MJ growing up. Kobe just happened to have got it right and made a great living from doing so.