Kings Thomas Robinson’s putback dunk on Dwight Howard [video]

Dwight Howard played in his first preseason game for the Lakers as they faced off against the Kings at Staples Center. While Howard’s debut was rusty yet impressive, he forgot that even in preseason, you have to put a body on your man. Check out Thomas Robinson’s putback dunk on DH12


To be fair, Dwight had a nice dunk of of a lob from Kobe.



Oh, meanwhile, Bynum is still in street clothes looking very scruffy and gray…


video via Jose3o30

  • Mai

    Are the Kings still here in Sactown? haha!!! Andrew looks like Lamont from Sanford and Son!!!

  • StilettoJill

    He is ON one. And he’s only like 25 look at all those gray hairs. SMH

  • nice putpack man!!! bynum looks old and bankrupt