Jahlil Okafor Doesn’t Seem Excited To Play For The 76’ers [Video]


Jahlil Okafor was the third pick in Thursday night’s NBA draft. On Saturday he and his new teammates were introduced to the Philadelphia media. Jahlil has said all the right things after being drafted by the Sixers – a franchise that seems to be in perpetual rebuilding mode – but his actions seem to imply something else.




He dropped that jersey like a game of hot potato. Chin up Jahlil, maybe they’ll trade you.

  • kathleenvtierney

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  • aisharengler

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  • palomarcua

    Hank White, David Ross, John Baker.. Dude has a lot of personal coaches, he better be able to catch

  • carolynemayo

    You had me at “flask.” 🙂

  • doloresjsnodgrass

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