Clippers & Warriors Have Confrontation Following Game 7

Warriors Clippers

The Clippers and Warriors series was intense. These two teams have had beef the last two seasons, so it’s no surprise that after game 7 at Staples, there was a confrontation outside of the locker rooms.

The incident came in two waves, with most of the Warriors in the hallway at one point along with several Clippers. The police were called to assist, though it’s not believed any punches were thrown.

Details are sketchy but it’s believed that Warriors players heard someone shout out how quiet it was in their locker room following the loss- some believe it was an assistant on the Clips or a ball boy . Next members of both teams and eventually coaching staff ended up in the hall but, no blows were thrown.

It’s believed that Warriors big man Marreese Speights was among the aggressors for the Warriors. And that Steve Blake, Steph Curry, Jermaine O’Neal and Glen Davis were all involved.

But that’s the past and on Monday, the Clippers start the road to the finals. It goes through Oklahoma City. 12 more wins.



  • BG

    Wow, no Blake Griffin; they all hate Blake Griffin, WHY?

  • Stan12345

    I also “have had beef the last two seasons,” but I haven’t gotten into any scuffles because of it.

  • Clean Slate

    Please change everything about the team; no more kkklippers, a new name, no more of the same colors for the uniforms, and a new arena/location/home. The team should go ALL BLACK EVERYTHING !!!!!!!!

  • eesei2zoh

    Has Trump finally gone too far this time? I would not cover him as much and make him spend his own money.