Chris Bosh’s Gets Misty Eyed During Post-Game Press Conference After Heat Lose To Magic [Video]


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The Heat lost another game that they were up by 20. Another game where LeBron James isn’t “clutch”. The Magic had a 4th quarter comeback sparked by Dwight Howard’s defense and raining 3 pointers from Gilbert Arenas, Jason Richardson and Quentin Richardson. But the most shocking part to this night, Chris Bosh’s post game conference:


Wait, were those REAL TEARS??

Still about 6 more weeks left in the season. Welcome to your new team Mike Bibby

Magic OVER Heat 99-96. You know whose clutch… Dwyane Wade. That’s who needs the ball in the 4th quarter.

Curtsy to Jose3030 for the footage and flicks.

  • “Crying?! There’s no CRYING in Basketball!” *Tom Hanks voice* Bosh, Man up and pull it together!

  • lauren

    Love watching miami lose again!!! First the bulls, then NY and now Orlando…love it. How does a team like Miami blow such a huge lead. I mean they are not the raptors after all but they are sure playing like them…thats what happens when you bring the toronto franchise player to your team (:-)…I myself am from toronto and love to see bosh not win! But I am not sure which sight is better…tears from Bosh or him going 1-18 against chicago!!! I did not see any tears after that game and he should have been brought to his knees…he was so bad!!! Bosh is losing it maybe the miami heat is getting to him he has to come back to the cold city of toronto