Chris Bosh won’t be playing for Team USA in the Olympics

The King stands alone. Looks like LeBron James will be the only member of Miami Heat’s “Big 3” to play for Olympic Gold in London this summer. Following the announcement that Dwyane Wade won’t be competing this summer, Chris Bosh has pulled his name from the Olympic hat as well. Bosh never fully recovered from the abdominal strain that he suffered during round two of the playoffs against the Indiana Pacers.

The 2008 games are where plans of Bosh, James and Wade coming together like Voltron first started being tossed around. With what looks to be the younger generation of the NBA leading the charge for Olympic Gold in London, one has to wonder if any similar bonds will be formed this go round.



  • Mai

    Jill, Injury is not the only reason Bosh is not going to play this summer, he needs to get his personal life on track. Trust  and believe if she gets any aid from the state of Florida they’ll come after him for every penny he has. But, that’s not why I’m here today, what did you think of the draft? Are you picking the Hornets next season? Girl, do I have to get on twitter for you answer me? We got Thomas Robinson, I saw his interview with Craig Sager, is his mother dead? How come she wasn’t there last night? I need to do some research. LOL!!! 

  • Haha. True. I did a fashion pos with a bit of oncourt insight today. Check HERE