Dodgers Star Matt Kemp Tells You What He Wants In A Woman

Dodgers star Matt Kemp has had an incredible season. With two games left in the season, Kemp leads the National League with 38 homers and 123 RBI. And it’s  looking as if he’ll be the first Dodger to lead the league in both categories since Dolph Camilli from the 1941 Brooklyn team. Kemp has a one home run lead over Albert Pujols, of the St. Louis Cardinals.

The triple crown is not the only thing Matt’s close to achieving,  he is also just two home runs away from becoming the fifth member of the 40/40 club. It sucks that the Dodgers are in turmoil right now.

But in the meantime, check out photos of Matt from the latest issue of Flaunt. In the interview, Matt touched on what he looks for in a woman,

“What do I look for?” he laughs. “I like confident people. I like positive people. Somebody that can make me a better person. Somebody that makes me want to be a better person. Smart. Pretty, of course. Somebody that is close with their family and loves their family just as much as I love my family. Somebody that knows how to dress. It just boils down to being confident and being comfortable in your own skin and the person that you are.”

“Somebody that can help me [shop]. I love looking and seeing what kind of shoes women wear. I think that tells me if a person knows what they’re doing. To me, shoes are…” Kemp trails off. “If I like your shoes, and you’re pretty, that’s a good quality. As well as being confident.”

Ok! But one thing Matt, No more pictures like this, I don’t know what to say…

  • RihMajor (UK)

    I was so heartbroken when he split with Rihanna coz they were too cute 2gether but i think that was the best move she is a nutter her true colors are shinning she is on crack or something and Matt dodged the bullet otherwise he was going to end up beat the hell out her that girl she CRAY and I have seen somewhere on twitter Rihanna fans complaining that Matts mom mentioned that she was a distraction I am sure she was I dont blame her and kudos to her if she is the reason why Matt dumped her. I like Rihannas music and I used to stan for her until I realised that all along I have been blaming Chris for nothing and I am sure Chris saved Rihannas ass there is a lot behind what happened that night

  • Mr.Q

    lolol that wall pic in underware does look suspect and he keeps saying they or them not her or she… Things to make you go hmmm.

    I do agree with Rihmajor…
    Chris is holding on to a lot. Even if he did come out now and or then and said something about her crazy ass… no one would believe him. Once you hit a women… no matter what… for the rest of you life you will be looked at as a women beater.

  • Lex

    Geeezzzz I hope it was all the photographers decision with some of these pictures. They have a way of making someone look truly unlike that you think they are (or maybe bringing out their true self, smh). Dude is hott tho.