Caroline Wozniacki impersonates Serena Williams stuffing a towel in her skirt & grunting [video]

I love a good joke. I find laughing to be theraputic and having a sense of humor is key to a happy life. Having said that, I’m not sure how I feel about this. Tennis ace Caroline Wozniacki was playing in an exhibition match against Maria Sharapova recently. Wozniacki broke out an imitation of Serena Williams… How did she do that? By stuffing her top and backside with a towel and then proceeding to “grunt” as she hit the tennis ball.



This isn’t the first time Wozniacki has impersonated Serena and she’s also not the only tennis player Woz has given the treatment too, Rafel Nadal was on the receiving end of it as well. I’m sure it’s all in good fun, but… yeah.

So what do you think? Are you laughing?

video via LBS

  • Dee

    No, it’s not funny, it’s racist. Do you think that Serena could have come onto the green w/her breast and behind banded flat with white face and blonde wig? Hell no!

  • John Eastborough

    She could have. There’s nothing stopping her from doing that. It would be pretty funny actually.
    You know that thing called a “sense of humor”? You should get one. I think Amazon has them for sale.

  • John Eastborough

    The sportscaster is laughing, the refs are chuckling, the fans are having a ball… but some butthurt liberals see RAAAAAAAAAAAACISM *everywhere*.

  • freddy2step

    White people thought lynching and burning down churches were funny… John can I guess that you are caucasian….. You have never felt racism and obviously cant recognize it from a black persons perspectice.. The skinny white girls can make fun all they want… WHAT IS FUNNY… THEY CANT BEAT HER AND SHE IS OVER THIRTY.