Lakers Jordan Hill’s Bentley crashed into a Marina Del Rey apartment


Tweet See, this is yet another example as to why jocks must be careful with who they have around in their entourage. Lakers big man Jordan Hill’s name is twisted up in drama and it really has nothing to do with him. Hill’s friend Michael Lacey was driving his Bentley, drunk apparently, and crashed into an […]

Lebron James drops 23 points in 6 minutes [video]


Tweet LeBron James and the Miami Heat bounced back from their streak-ending loss to the Chicago Bulls on Friday night. The Heat mollywhopped the New Orleans Pelicans, (Hornets, I’m practicing NOW for next season, that transition won’t be easy, k) 108-89. King James had another one of his incredible games, dropping 23 of his 36 […]

President Obama chides Miami Heat fans about loss to Chicago Bulls [video]


Tweet The Miami Heat’s 27-game-win streak came to end last week at the hands of the Chicago Bulls. The incredible run was the second longest in NBA history, just five games shy of the record the 72 Lakers held with 33 games. Even President Obama, an avid basketball fan,  had to weigh in on the […]

Miami Heat President Pat Riley tells Celtics President Danny Ainge to STFU


Tweet Pat Riley holds a warm place in my heart. As a coach with the Lakers during the “Showtime” era. The toughness he brought to the Knicks in the 90′s and the transformation he created in South Beach, Riles responded to criticism Boston Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge tossed out at Lebron James […]

Michael Jordan & friends hit up the Dominican Republic for bachelor party


Tweet NBA legend and Charlotte Bobcats owner Michael Jordan is getting married to Yvette Prieto in a month. Even though it’s the second marriage for MJ, that didn’t stop him from gathering a few friends and heading to the Dominican Republic for his bachelor party.

WNBA announces new logo [photo]


Tweet They say change is good. And after 17 years in existence, the WNBA is upgrading a few things. Out with the old logo, that resembled Jerry West (the NBA’s logo) in a 1960′s June Cleaver wig. And into an orange and white more current silhouette, that features a female hooper hitting a layup with […]

Bucks Brandon Jennings trolling fans by wearing Toronto Raptors gear [photo]


Tweet Brandon Jennings likes to keep people guessing. With his impending restricted free agent status looming this summer, Brandon hasn’t been shy in declaring himself a franchise changing player. Jennings comments this season have gone from one end of the spectrum to the other. From professing his desire to play in a bigger market, to […]

Dr. Jerry Buss left 29-year-old girlfriend a condo in Hawaii and a Bentley


Tweet Dr. Jerry Buss was known to keep the company of beautiful woman. Whether in his box at Staples Center or out at some of the hottest clubs in LA, Dr. Buss often times would be surrounded by a bevy of younger, exotic beauties.  It makes sense that Dr. Buss had a girlfriend at the […]

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