Jonathan Martin’s Lawyer David Cornwell Tweets Text Sent to Richie Incognito [photo]

photo via 68Incognito

During Richie Incognito’s sit-down interview with Fox Sports’ Jay Glazier, Incognito mentioned that Jonathan Martin – the man at the center of the Miami Dolphins locker room bullying scandal- sent him a text to Incognito stating he would kill his whole family two weeks before he left the team. Martin’s lawyer, David Cornwell took to […]

KMichelle posts JR Smith’s new girlfriend’s number on Twitter [photos]


Outspoken reality TV star KMichelle is not shy about letting you in on the comings and goings of her love life. Recently she explained how she discovered her ex-boo Lance Stephenson when he was “busting JR Smith’s a$$” during the playoffs, and then how he cheated on her. And of course we know the entire […]

Cowboys Orlando Scandrick put on blast for Instagram thirst [photos]


One of my rules for cheating athletes is to deal with someone who has something to lose. As a jock, if you’re cheating on your significant other, especially if she’s famous, some girls will try to expose the both of you if she feels like you aren’t sticking to her game plan. Cowboys Orlando Scandrick […]

Shannon Sharpe weighs in on Miami Dolphins locker room situation [video]


CBS NFL analyst Shannon Sharpe weighed in Sunday on the topic of players in the Miami Dolphins locker room allegedly allowing Richie Incognito to use the N word and labeling him an “honorary black man.” Sharpe believes that this is an indicator of a bigger problem taking place.

Jonathan Martin texted Richie Incognito after leaving Miami Dolphins [video]


Fox Sports analyst Jay Glazer sat down with estranged Miami Dolphin, Richie Incognito, to give his version of his relationship with teammate Jonathan Martin. Incognito stated that he knows some of the messages were inappropriate but it’s vulgar, the NFL locker room culture. He said that his actions were coming form a place of love. […]

“Just Wright” screenwriter Michael Elliot launches “Hammer & Nails” nail salon for men

photo via Hammer and Nails

Guys admit it, wouldn’t you love to go and get weekly upkeep on your feet without feeling like you’re crashing an all-girl gathering? Screenwriter Michael Elliot – he penned “Just Wright” and “Brown Sugar” to name a few – felt that way and decided to create the ultimate man cave experience for grooming.

Daniel Gibson’s wife Keyshia Cole spotted hanging out with Atlanta club promoter [photos]


I guess Daniel “Boobie” Gibson and his wife, R&B singer Keyshia Cole are still going through a rough patch in their marriage. Keyshia was spotted looking rather friendly with an Atlanta promoter named Rugs at an after event following Drake’s concert. Keyshia recently hosted the promoters birthday party. Fueling the rumors that the relationship is […]

Former Giants RB shot by police while holding girlfriend at knifepoint [video]


Footage has surfaced of Former New York Giants running back Jermaine Green being shot four times by Daytona Beach police while he was holding his girlfriend hostage according to the New York Daily News. The footage was captured from the officer’s body camera and shows Green holding a knife to the woman and dragging her […]