LaVar Ball Working on Reality Show & Documentary for Ball Family

Three brothers who are good at basketball is interesting, but the boys’ father, LaVar Ball has catapulted them even higher into stardom with his larger than life personality.  Now the Big Baller is trying to bring his family even more on your screens.

According to TMZ Sports, Ball is actively shopping various TV projects around town including a reality show and a documentary.  He has already cut a trailer for the documentary which centers around his family of young basketball superstars.  LaVar has three sons, UCLA star Lonzo, and high school players LiAngelo, and LaMelo.  The reality show is still in the development phase.

A source close to LaVar says the projects are both apart of the “Big Baller Media” brand, LaVar’s production company.  He has been in talks with multiple outlets and has “several offers” but so far, no contracts have been signed.


  • This is…hilarious…to say the least.

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