Smush Parker Tells Story Of Kobe Not Wanting To Talk To Him [Video]



Former NBA point guard Smush Parker has been ripped time and time again over his playing days with the Lakers. Its been well documented that Kobe Bryant wasn’t feeling Smush. Recently, Parker appeared on ESPN’s “Highly Questionable,” when asked about his two-year tenure with the Lakers, Smush shared what happened when he attempted to have a conversation with mamba that was outside of basketball.

Well, Michael Jordan used to use belittling teammates as a motivation tool also… that’s all I got.

  • dejay Goodman

    Wow! I’m not sure why this is a story. Who gives a Sh** about sorry A** Smush Parker??? What parent in their right mind would name their child, not dog, Smush? This guy is and was a huge EMMBRASSMENT to himself and the NBA as a whole. Kobe did him a favor by letting him use the locker room as oppose to sending him to the public restroom to change.,..

  • gjolley

    Other than being black and playing BB for the Lakers these two have zero in common . Is it any surprise Kobe didn’t want to HANG Out………………….dumb story