Terrell Owens has a six-figure IRS tax lien


Terrell Owens financial issues have been well documented. Back child support payments, accusations of improper behavior from business managers and now a six-figure back tax bill.

A federal tax lien was filed against the fired wide receiver in February — claiming T.O. still owes major income tax dollars for the years 2005 ($294,661.71), 2007 ($46,504.00), and 2009 ($97,747.81). All totaled — he’s allegedly in the hole $438,913.52.

During that time frame, T.O. spent time with the Cowboys, Eagles and Bills. Does that diving show he’s apart of have a big cash payout? I guess now we understand why you could hire T.O. to appear at the opening of a Burger King and he’d be there as long as there’s a check. Another reminder as to how crucial finacial literacy is. Maybe T.O. and Chad should team up together again and try to find a reality concept based around to ex-NFL reality stars looking for work, love and life. I’d watch that.


If you’re interested in checking out the tax lien document, go HERE

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