Pamela Smith, the woman suing Michael Jordan for child support is a relationship expert & sexologist [video]


Pamela Smith is suing Michael Jordan for child support and the right for her 16-year old son Taj to legally change his last name to Jordan. Of course with MJ being such a high profile individual, all of Pamela Smith’s back story is coming to light. So exactly what has Pamela, who is professional known as Evette, been up to the last few years? Apparently Ms. Smith is a relationship expert and sexologist.

America’s Hottest Love Expert/ Loveologist/Relationship Coach/Author Professional Speaker, Men/Women Issues. 

Her website,, says that she works as a certified “loveologist” and relationship coach.

The site describes Smith as a former model, NFL cheerleader and boxing ring girl who’s now an entrepreneur. She conducts sex seminars in which she is described as a “hands-on” educator. The site also sells several books, including one titled 10 Tips to Fellatio.

As this story has gotten more attention, Ms. Smith has started to shut down things (YouTube page is now private and website says under construction) and of course, Pamela’s finances are being looked at by those quick to call her a gold digger.

Financially troubled Pamela Smith, 48, claims she became pregnant with Jordan’s son after a 1995 tryst.

Until suing Michael last month, most of Smith’s run-ins with the Fulton County Superior Court had come from two Chapter 13 bankruptcy filings in 2008, records show.

She has a longstanding history of tax liens, including $1,378 in 1999, $2,704 in 2002, $1,349 in 2006, and $1,157 in 2007 — all of which went to collections before Smith managed to pay at the last minute, records show.

I would like to offer an alternate theory about the “gold digger” assumption. TMZ has reported that those close to Pamela and Taj say that he asked her to file because he wanted a better connection with his dad. I think that is an absolute possibility. Taj is 16, clearly he and his mother have known who his alleged father was for years. We also see that Ms. Smith may have had financial woes in the past. So it would seem that this suit is more about Taj wanting to be acknowledged by his dad publicly. Two years worth of child support is not going to make Ms. Smith a millionaire or guarantee her son’s rap career takes off. Just ask Marcus and Jeffery how well that’s worked out for them.

Ms. Smith in my opinion could’ve really cleaned up had she done this in the 90’s but she choose not to. I think people truly underestimate the desire of a child to be acknowledge by their father.

At any rate, at least one of the videos is still available. Check it out. The opening is actually something a lot of women could benefit from.


If you’re interested, Pamela has Twitter