Fashion Glance: Frank Gore rocks “Pink Dolphin” after 49’ers beat Dolphins [photos]

49’ers Running back Frank Gore knew the perfect occasion to rock his “Pink Dolphin” hoodie that features an upside down dolphin rocking a helmet, when they played the Miami Dolphins of course. It wasn’t an accident and worked out well considering they got the W and Gore scored a touchdown and rushed for 85 yards.

“I had this before the season,” said Gore. “I know we had the Dolphins on the schedule. I’m not playing there, so I said, ‘We’ve got to flip them upside down when we play them.”

Pink Dolphin is a Los Angeles based clothing line that has become quite popular with jocks, rappers and the like. Eagles DeSean Jackson, Wizards John Wall, Rapper The Game and Chris Brown are just a few spotted in the line.

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