Would you buy Shaq’s jewelry collection? [photos]

Would want to own jewelery created by Shaq? Shaq has teamed up with Zales to present the Shaquille O’Neal collection. A men’s jewlery line that consists of stainless steel and onyx pieces that range in price from $50 to $400.

 “I’m a businessman. I’m always working. I’m working more now than when I played, I’m having a great time here showing off my line. I want to show people that I can do many things.”

I know Shaq was one of the first NBA players to be a slash – player/actor/rapper/reality star/producer etc. etc. and he’s a great pitch man but I’m unsure who the target is for this line. Maybe young guys who idolize Shaq like in the photo? THe collection feels a few years too late style-wise. A bit too clunky. Plus, right now GOLD is where it’s at.

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