Lakers Steve Blake meets with fan he cursed out to apologize


When Steve Blake cursed out a heckling fan at Staples Center last Friday night, he probably had no idea who that guy was. Turns out it was long time season-ticket holder Steve Jackson’s son. Steve Jackson is The chairman of L.A. Gear and president of Aci International. He has 8 courtside seats- that means he’s spending about $25K per game – and even has a replica of the Staples Center court at his Bel-AIr home that is occasionally used by NBA teams for practice or shoot around when their in town to face one of the LA teams. Basically, he’s kind of a big deal.

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that a meeting and personal apology took place on Tuesday at the Lakers practice facility.

“We got a chance to speak and talk about the situation,” said Blake.  “I just let him know that I was sorry for the way I acted.  I didn’t handle myself the way I wanted to.  We were able to talk and hopefully build a relationship off of that.”

I wonder who the Lakers place more value in, Steve Jackson whose been spending around $1 million a year with the team for YEARS or Blake… Just a question.

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  • Mai

    Co-sign, Ms. Jill. If it was Pookie from the hood would they’ve made him apologize?