JR Smith says Grizzlies Jerryd Bayless is a fake tough guy with a little man’s complex

The Knicks suffered their first lost of the season at the hands of the Memphis Grizzlies on Friday night. Things got a little chippy in the second quarter when JR Smith and Jerryd Bayless got into a little skirmish. Check out the video of it:

JR said he isn’t sure what caused Jerryd to get so upset. He suggests it might be a little man’s complex

“Other than me trying to get the ball, I don’t know what [Bayless] could’ve been mad at…“some small guys got little man complex. Maybe he’s gotta work that out.”

I guess that elbow didn’t have anything to do with it. Maybe that was JR reacting to whatever Jerryd reacted to. ::giggle:: JR also had more commentary to add on his Twitter page.

Still, 6-1 isn’t bad for the Knicks. Up next for the team, they take on the Pacers at home on Sunday.

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  • ese steve

    no no no hell no ,bayless stait punked jr smith ,and now smith is callin bayles fake ?lol bullshit he the one whoe backed off like a wenie! now he wana be a twitter thugg??? smh lol


    Complete jerk who has always overrated himself claiming what he truly is upon another: Definition of a PhOnY BaLoNeY


    Complete jerk who has always overrated himself, claiming what he truly is upon another: Definition of a PhOnY BaLoNeY

  • master chief

    He pushed him from behind, That aint punking.

  • http://twitter.com/bigpapadavid bigpapadavid

    lmao. bayless came at him like a man and jr looked for help. they got booted back to ny anyhow.

  • Anonymous

    I gotta log in to downvote your silly post unfortunately, but if I wanted to upvote I don’t have to log in smfh. Ain’t that just fair?

  • http://twitter.com/sammy_he sammy he

    Look it y’all, Junior is the fake tough guy here. He throws an elbow and tries to disguise it as a relfex from his spin and getting Bayless off of him. It’s ironic that lil Junior felt the need to tell Bayless to “man up” when he should have “manned up” and went at him like a man, instead of this underhanded B.S. All this fake, accidental or incidental reactionary contact sh!t… this is the equivalent to a defensive guy flopping! And friggin Metta did the same type of sh!t to Jeremy Lin last night… totally cowardly and B.S.!