Former NBA star Steve Francis debuts new single, “Finer Things” for Mazarati Music [video]

Steve Francis has been out of the NBA and the spotlight for a minute. His reintroduction to the flashing lights? A new rap video entitled “Finer things” from his label Mazarati Music…

I can’t make this up. Check the video.


Are you serious Stevie Franchise?  THIS is what you came up with? A rip of Rick Ross’s label name and a throwback sounding Ja Rule track?

He said her shoes were Gucci but flashed Loubs…

But he featured his family and it was shot well. That’s a plus, right?

I CAN’T. I mean… le sigh

curtsy to I am a GM

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  • Cutcreator1959

    Nice beat, but sorry steve yo rap is wack

  • Seal Team 6 Member

    Well yeah, him and his family is real cute. (that’s all I got to say, lol)

  • William Crisolo

    Ouch… Can I have my 3:19 seconds back Stevie Franchise?

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