Chick wants to give her “cookies” to the last pick in the NFL draft [video]

Groupies and Gold Diggers have dreams too. Meet Brianne a New York city chick with a goal. Check out the video from the aspiring (I say actress but you choose your own word to describe her), as she tells all potential draft prospects that she’s on the hunt for one in particular.


As far as Brianne’s quest for Mr. Irrelevant. While I think this video is obviously for kicks and giggles, the idea of choosing an under the radar player isn’t a bad idea in theory if you’re a groupie looking for a way into the game. Think of it as your starter player. Athletes love a referral and if you’re concerned about the competition, surely there are a few less on that end of the spectrum. However, if you’re a gold digger (and make no mistake, there is a difference between a groupie and a gold digger) than you probably want to aim higher…

I’m here to help!