JR Smith’s Sister Stephanie Chokes A Woman In The Stands During A Game In China [Photos]

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Details are still sketchy, but it appears that Stephanie Smith, the sister of former Nugget, JR Smith allegedly choked a woman and shoved an 80-year old man during Smith’s game. Jr’s team, the Zhejiang Golden Bulls,were playing against the Bayi Rockets. JR was fouled but didn’t get the call, his sister became upset and threw a bottle on the court.

From there, things are unclear but photos show his sister in some sort of altercation with a woman in the stands. Keep in mind, the team that was playing is the same team that had a brawl last summer with the Georgetown basketball team. (That could just be an interesting coincidence or a factor)

A few upset Bayi fans also interfered with Smith’s team ability to depart following the incident, demanding an apology from the Smith family. Stephanie tweeted shortly after.

How bout these Chinese ppl gone learn 2day bout f****n with us!!!


WHOA, I guess she felt she had to defend herself.

Curtsy to BSO

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  • Jrctown

    You can take a nigger out of the hood and put him in china, but he is still a NIGGER!

  • Baypointhomes

    Smiths family is a disgrace to the game and to America…I am ashamed of them , it’s behavior like that that is hurting the human race…….sad sad………

  • Anonymous


  • Alex44

    Whats wrong with they? Hey-assholes come in all colors!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1661195712 Jackie Showel

    This is a late post. But these people are highly uncivilized. SMH

  • Highway

    She needs anger management,  J R needs more guidance. Chit man
    I have seem mayhem at soccer games, and in baseball stadium parking lots.
    Then she was ever envolved in.
    Jeez I have even seen more vigorus action at City Hall council meetings.
    By the way whats this” they” Im hoping it is out of context. Only as in Sis and Bro
    thing, not as a racial grouping.

  • Truts

    I was “privy” to knowing this family in NJ in the 1990s. Trash, especially Stephanie.