Baltimore Ravens Terrell Suggs In Legal Hot Water Over “Ball So Hard University”

Back in November during the telecast of  the Baltimore Ravens’ win over the Pittsburgh Steelers, Terrell Suggs announced his alma mater as, “Ball So Hard University.” His inspiration being a line in Kanye West and Jay Z’s hit song N****s in Paris. Of course people immediately jumped on the bandwagon and a bunch of t-shirts and merchandise began cropping up with the fictitious university on it.

Brian Bussells, a man from Maryland, applied for a trademark three days after the game for the school name and started printing shirts. Suggs even appeared at a press conference in one of those shirts. A week and a half later, Suggs applied for the trademark and started to sell merchandise through his website.

Now, the two will have to let the court determine who the true owner of the trademark is. The key factors will be the filing date and if Suggs can prove “Ball So Hard” is part of his public persona. Suggs started it but looks as if Bussell’s handled the business end.

Good luck with that and of course today’s playoff game.


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