Kobe Bryant Transfers Ownership Of 2 Mansions To Vanessa Bryant

On January 5th, Kobe Bryant transferred complete ownership of two mansion to his soon to be ex wife Vanessa. Both homes are located in Newport Coast. One was the home he purchased for Vanessa’s mother and the other, the family home he and Vanessa shared. A third home, also in Newport Coast is rumored to be part of the deal as well.

This home is currently under construction, I guess they were planning to move soon before the wheels fell off. Neither of these moves should come as a surprise because 1. It’s already been announced that Vanessa was receiving half of Kobe’s worth, that includes property and 2. All the transactions have been handled swiftly and quietly.

There are rumors that Kobe is interested in trying to work things out but in the meantime, the legal side moves on. Oh and Kobe had his fourth game in a row with 40. This time though, it resulted in a loss to the Clippers. The hallway series is a real rivalry!

Maybe Mamba can utilize the Kobe system to get Vanessa back…


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